Elva спортивный холл (EE)

Elva спортивный холл (EE)


In 2019, Elva has obtained the title of the most sporty municipality in Estonia. Therefore, the high expectations and goals of the new sports building were understandable. The vision of the gym envisioned a complete solution that is a modern gym and follows fitness trends and offers versatile exercise experiences for both beginners and elite athletes.We accepted the challenge and paid special attention to the increasingly popular functional training. The 80m2 area is equipped with Escape Fitness frame and the innovative Mars digital screen (your digital trainer that never rests).Strength and cardio equipment are from Life Fitness which means that biomechanics and ergonomics meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer.The squat frame and lifting platform are from the industry leader - Eleiko.In conclusion, we can say that it is a gym where probably all people feel great. Hobbyists/beginners enjoy comfortable machines; young athletes get an age-appropriate load in an exciting functional area; elite athletes are allowed to use heavy and very heavy weights.


Country: Estonia

Place: Tartu mnt 3/1, 61505, Elva

Web page: https://www.elvasport.ee/

Opening date: 2019