Life Fitness Activate Series - Upright Bike Base , Life Fitness Activate Series - Console

Life Fitness Activate Series - Upright Bike Base , Life Fitness Activate Series - Console
Life Fitness Activate Series - Upright Bike Base , Life Fitness Activate Series - Console
  • Life Fitness Activate Series - Upright Bike Base , Life Fitness Activate Series - Console
  • Life Fitness Activate Series - Upright Bike Base , Life Fitness Activate Series - Console

Life Fitness Activate Series - Upright Bike Base , Life Fitness Activate Series - Console

  • Производитель Life Fitness
  • Артикул AC-U-ACT-AS
  • Есть на Рижском складе: 1

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Life Fitness Activate Series Upright Exercise Bike

A streamlined bike that’s inviting for both workout regulars and exercise rookies. The console is designed for ease of use, which means it’s intuitive for any exerciser and a good fit for any fitness facility. Racing handlebars, a comfortable adjustable seat, and easy-adjust pedal straps make the ride inviting, no matter how long the workout lasts. The self-powered bike is sleek and durable and an asset to any facility. It features an optional attachable TV, which adds a level of appealing entertainment. The Activate Series upright bike also provides facilities with access to valuable user data through Halo.Fitness.

*Attached TV is sold separately.

Biomechanically Efficient Design
The Life Fitness Activate Series Upright Bike follows our tradition of biomechanically efficient body positioning with just a simple seat adjustment through a combination of crank, handlebar and seat position geometry.

Heart Rate Monitoring
Lifepulseª digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the handlebars to provide accurate heart rate monitoring and Polar¨ telemetry provides hands-free heart rate monitoring when used with an optional chest strap.

Self-Powered Convenience
Powered by human movement, these energy efficient bikes can be placed anywhere in a facility, with no electrical cords or outlets to consider (Models with optional TV on stand require power).

Reliable Belt Drive System
Custom-designed systems are quiet and virtually maintenance-free.

Comfort Adjustments
Easily adjustable ski-boot style pedal straps and 38 seat adjustment positions ensure that each person can find their most comfortable riding position.

Intuitive Console
Clear, simple controls offer exercisers clear direction for quick start or pre-programmed workouts, and the workout summary provides valuable feedback.






Life Fitness - a legacy of excellence. Life Fitness provides premium cardio equipment (treadmils, exercise bikes, rowers, elipticals and a lot more) for over than 30 years. If not in every than in most gyms, hotels, sport centers you will find Life Fitness, which is trusted by the best. First electrical exercise bike was made in 1968 by Life Fitness, which means already a lot - inovation, quality, experience and hard work, which have led this brand to be the most recognizable in all gyms. 

Life Fitness has combined smooth design, inovations and simplicity making one of the kind cardio machines - Treadmils, Exercise bikes, Elipticals, Rowers and a lot more. Their missions is simple - to make all people active, with interactive designes, wide range of products for all needs and budgets, and quality service.

Life Fitness, the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment, now lets you control your workouts on and off the equipment with the Life Fitness Connect app. Connect to Life Fitness cardio machines by downloading the app on your iOS or Android device to track your workout data, log a strength workout or view our extensive OnDemand workout library to accelerate your progress!

We succeed when You do, which is why we continure to drive innovation and embrace change!

Founded By: Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson      Headquaters: Rosemont, USA      Brand: Founded in 1977

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Life Fitness Activate Series Upright Bike Specifications

Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring (optional chest strap required)  - Yes
Lifepulse™ Digital Heart Rate Monitoring with DSP (Digital Signal Processing)  - Yes
Resistance Levels - 25
At-Your-Fingertips Resistance Controls located in Center of Handlebars  - No
Integrated Reading Rack -  Yes
Integrated iPod®/Accessory Tray -  Yes
2 Removable Cup Holders -  No
Wide Ride Pedals  - No
Easy Adjust Pedal Strap  -  Yes
TV Viewing    Optional 17 in. Diagonal TV (wide screen format) on TV Stand
XXL Seat Post and Handlebars
   - Yes
Racing Handlebars  -  Yes
Ratcheting Seat Adjustment   - Yes
iPod and iPhone Compatibility  -  No
Nike + iPod Compatibility  - No
USB Connectivity -No
On-the-fly Programming  -Yes
Front Wheels for Easy Mobility  - Yes
Workout Landscape Perspectives - No
Plug-in Accessory - Optional



Maximum User Weight    400 lbs (181 kg)
Power Requirements    Self Powered
Length    44 in. (112 cm)
Width    23 in. (59 cm)
Height    54 in. (137 cm)
Unit Weight    130 lbs (59 kg)



Warranty  2 Year Limited Warranty on All Mechanical and Electrical Components. 1 Year Labor


Amber LED Display  - Yes
16 character, 14-segment LED alphanumeric message center  -  Yes


Intel® Microprocessor  -  No
FM Radio-ready  -  No
IPod video capability on LCD screen  -  No
iPod video capability on optional Attachable TV (some models require Composite AV cable, sold separately)**  - Optional
iPod playlist management  -  No
iPod charging -  No
Virtual Trainer  -  No
Programmable Go System (Walk-Jog-Run) -  No
Manager-Defined Marathon Mode (unlimited workout time) -  Yes
User Units Selection (mph/kph and lbs/kg) -  No
Zoom Feature  -  No
Integrated TV Controls -  No
TV Controls External Numeric Remote  -  Optional
Channel Memory 180 Available Channels  -  No
Channel Memory 1000 Available Channels - Optional
Favorite Channels  -  No
Previous Channel Viewed  -  No
Channel Renumbering  -  Optional
Secondary Audio Programs (SAP) - SAP TV broadcast required  -  Optional
Closed Captioning  -  Optional
Promo Channel  -  No
Secure Channel  -  No
Mute Feature -  Optional
Asset Management and Advanced Diagnostics  - Yes
Screen ProtectionProtective top layer, internal shock mounts, gasket  - Optional





Гинтс Кузнецовс
Гинтс Кузнецовс
Корпоративный гений компании. Дипломат и стратег. Помимо всего этого отличный наставник.
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Илва Шимена
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Карлис Палло
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Эдгар Берцис
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Инга Фогеле
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Юрис Шварнович
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Иева Конопацка
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Илзе Пойкане
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Раймондс Кузнецовс
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Виталий Соколов
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Даниел Синдий Блакис
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Марис Пуриньш
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Лига Матисоне
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